100 Days – Rwanda, 1994

The genocide against the Tutsi and moderate Hutus in Rwanda lead to the death of hundreds of thousands of humans. MVAI wants to offer you the possibility of expanding your knowledge about the 100 days of genocidal violence in Rwanda 1994.

An MVAI Workshop 

In cooperation with Sensus we have planned a one-day workshop, which will not only address the genocide in Rwanda but also topics of importance regarding mass violence generally. In three panels we will interactively try to answer the following questions:

What were the circumstances which led to the genocide in Rwanda?

What happened in Rwanda, 1994? 

What are genocides? How are they different from regular conflicts and war?

How can a society reconcile after a genocide? How can a second outburst of systematic violence be prevented?

3 Panels and Guest Speaker

You not only have the possibility of listening to speeches, but can also work with us in the three panels during the day. With academic support from scholars and researchers we want to create an environment in which we learn together about the genocide in Rwanda and its lessons.

Panel 1: Overview – History and Happenings

Panel 2: What is a genocide? Definition of Systematic Violence

(Speaker: Olov Simonsson, Department of History, Uppsala Universitet)

Panel 3: After the genocide – Reconciliation and Prevention

How to attend

The workshop is free of charge.

Place: Sensus Uppsala (Västra Ågatan 16, 753 09 Uppsala) (Formerly Student Union, further information)

Time: 3rd of June 2017 at 9.30 AM – 18 PM.

Facebook-Event: Click here

Unfortunately, we cannot provide lunch but there will be enough coffee and biscuits.

Just fill out the following form and you will be registered as a participant. 

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