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The United Nations considers the Rohingya the highest persecuted minority in the world, 

we walk for them. 

Innocent civilians in Yemen face death and famine caused by an ongoing war, 

we walk for them. 

The Syrian civil war continues to cause destruction of bombings and forced displacement, 

we walk for them.

We alone may not be able to change their reality, but we can give them a voice.

What is a Charity Walk?

Charity walks are an excellent outlet to take a stance for a cause you believe in, and that is exactly what we will be doing on May 12th in Uppsala. Please join us as we show the world that we are not bystanders. We will walk in order to show support for victims of mass violence, and educate the public on pertinent atrocities going on worldwide. Funds raised will support our efforts to educate and raise awareness about mass violence in the future. Become part of this message and join our Walk to End Mass Violence.

Activities and Schedule

Our walk will take place on the 12th of May 2018. This is our schedule: 

11.30am Check-in at Östgöta Nation 

12.00pm Announcements at Stadsparken 

12.15pm We start the walk 

The walk will take 60-90 minutes and afterwards there will be an optional get-together at Östgöta Nation where you can buy coffee for a discounted price, food will also be available for purchase. Let your friends on Facebook know that you are joining!


The registration for our walk is 50kr and can be done online or right at the event. If you are interested in receiving your personal T-shirt with the “Walk to End Mass Violence” logo printed on it you can donate 200kr. You can get a T-shirt right at the event as well. 

Since MVAI is a non-profit organization, all proceeds are used to cover our own expenses and volunteering activities. We rely heavily on financial support and appreciate each donation a lot. 

First, provide us your T-shirt size if you want one and then continue with your donation that will register you.

Registration is closed. Stay updated about upcoming charity walks and other events on our Social Media on the right.

Project Team

Samantha Goldberg

Georgia Gladitz

Timo Leimeister

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