Our Vision

Our vision is a world where mass violence and genocide is no longer considered by anyone to be an acceptable action and where truly effective mechanisms for prevention exist. It has to be universally condemned when it is, has been and possibly will be used. No incident of mass violence should be ignored!

Our Goals

The Mass Violence Awareness Initiative (MVAI) is a non-Governmental, not-for-profit Organization which is based in Uppsala, Sweden. It seeks to increase public awareness in Sweden and internationally of incidents of past, current and possible upcoming mass violence, genocide and related phenomena around the world. We support the Responsibility to Protect as a preventive mechanism and seek further to actively influence the policies and decisions of governments, legislatures and of other public and private organizations. Also, we want to inform the general public and encourage education about instances of mass violence. All in all, our goals are to raise awareness of mass violence worldwide and advise political decision makers.

Our Method

Regarding our broad mission of increasing awareness of mass violence, all members of the organization will generally work together as a block to promote our position that mass violence, genocide, and the like must never be allowed to be ignored or to go unchecked. We are aware of our international approach and substance and make use of that in our projects. Specific methods of promotion will vary from case to case, but may include, amongst other things: public panel discussions within and without the university, talks from survivors or experts, public meetings, protests, online campaigns, policy briefs directed to political decision makers or articles in general.