Join our monthly activity

Every month, we screen a movie that deals with various aspects of mass violence and you are warmly invited to join! At the MVAI Movie Night you can get insight into topics related to mass violence and genocide without sitting in a seminar or lecture. We don’t just screen fictional movies made in Hollywood, but give you rather a broad selection of documentaries and films from around the world.

Watch and discuss

At the MVAI Movie Night you can not only see but also discuss the representation of topics in the films that are shown. After a short introduction to the movie and its main theme, we dim the lights and start the movie. The evening will end with a discussion that you are welcome to join.

Talk about your personal reactions and thoughts with others and have the possibility of listening to new perspectives. Do not worry; no specific knowledge about the topic is required.

Where and when?

Our Movie Night always takes place at Sensus Uppsala, Västra Ågatan 16. We meet at the first floor, just use the stairs straight forward after the main entrance.

We do not have any entrance fee!

Follow us on Facebook to get notified about the date and time of the next Movie Night. There will be an event you can join.


We look forward to many interesting evenings and enriching discussions. Bring your popcorn, candy and drinks if you want to. See you soon!

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