The MVAI Activity Group in Uppsala

MVAI does not only give you the chance to share your words to raise awareness about atrocities world wide. Our main field of action is based in Uppsala where our Activity Groups comes together in a weekly meeting. If you live nearby, feel free to join us!

What is the Activity Group?

Effective action against mass violence can only be achieved by working together. In our Activity Group we talk about current cases of systematic violence in order to find possible projects to address them. Each project is represented by a leader who will update the group about their progress and can ask for support. If you want to be involved in MVAI, the Activity Group is a great first step to get known to us! 

Where do we meet?

You got interested to have a first look? Visit us and we will be happy to welcome you! And don't forget to tell your friends by participating in our Facebook Event

When? Every Friday, 3PM

Where? Engelska Parken, Main Entrance (3H)

We meet at one of the big tables on the floors above the entrance. 

English Park Campus

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Any questions?

Just contact us via email ( or send us a message on Facebook. We will come back to you as soon as possible.