Mass Violence Awareness Initiative

Raising Awareness

Mass Violence is a disastrous reality for millions of people world wide.


The more we know about mass violence, the better we can be at preventing it in the future.


Transforming ideas into actions in order to raise awareness and advocate for victims of mass violence.


Empathy and understanding will be achieved through dialogue and contact.

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We need to be



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Don't be a


Victims of
Mass Violence


*Rudolph Rummel: Death by Government

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Joint NGO Letter on Targeted Sanctions Against Myanmar Military Officials

Mass Violence Awareness Initiative (MVAI) joins 58 other organizations that signed a Joint NGO Letter to call for legal action against officials of the Burmese Army by the US government. The letter is an urgent response to the ongoing systematic violence in Rakhine State against the Rohingya.

MVAI Workshop: Rwanda 1994

On the 3rd of June 2017, MVAI hosted its first public event in Uppsala (Sweden) in cooperation with Sensus: A day-long interactive workshop on the genocide in Rwanda.